How do I bid on GradedAuction?

  • Create an account here and you can place bids on items currently live.

How does bidding work?

  • For bidding, using the bidding feature enter the amount you'd like to pay for the item. And that's all

How do I receive notifications about an item?

  • Add the item to your watch list under the “bid” button on the item page or click the heart icon on the listing page to receive notifications when a lot is within 24 hours of closing.
  • Bid on an item and you will automatically receive notifications when the item receives bids and when you have been outbid.

What is the GradedAuction Premium?

  • The GradedAuction Premium is a fee assessed by GradedAuction which is 20% of the final bid price of items purchased. The Buyer’s Premium pays for the auction’s services.

Can I remove a bid?

  • No, a bid is legally binding and once a bid is placed, it cannot be removed.

How do I pay an invoice?

  • Log into your GradedAuction Account or click on your invoice in the email you receive after the auction closes to pay your invoice.

What if I can’t pay?

  • Please see winning bidder obligations here. Refusal or inability to pay for the item(s) you won erodes trust and hurts the sellers who choose GradedAuction as the place to sell their items. Unpaid invoices will result in a restriction of all account privileges across GradedAuction as well as potential legal proceedings.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Debit/Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) (Immediate, Powered by Stripe)
  • PayPal (Immediate)

How fast do I need to pay?

  • Payment is due within five days of auction closing.

Which authenticating company's do you use?

  • We require items on GradedAuction to be from the following third parties to verify an item’s authenticity:
    • PSA
    • SGC
    • CGC (Comics)
    • MGC

Is there a return policy?

  • All sales are final. Please see “Conditions of Sale” here or contact Customer Support for further questions.

How can I update my payment information?

  • To update payment information go to My Account> Settings > Add Payment Method.

How can I update the shipping address on my account?

  • To update shipping information go to My Account > Settings > Add Shipping Address.

When will my purchased item ship?

  • Purchased items will generally be shipped within five days of payment being received.


How do I sell something?

  • Click on the "Sell on GradedAuction" to apply to have your items reviewed and guide you through the entire selling process.

When do I send my item to sell?

  • Once items are approved to be listed on GradedAuction, an email will be sent to notify you of your item being approved and successfully listed.

What if my item ends with no bids?

  • Once an item is under contract and placed up for auction, it will not be removed unless otherwise determined by GradedAuction.
  • Market values can vary, and we make no guarantees of sale or sell prices. 
  • If an item does not sell, it will be relisted in a future auction.
  • If the item doesn’t sell twice, your item will be stored in our secure UK vault unless you request to have it sent back to you after paying the GradedAuction's fees and service charges.

What happens if I change my mind?

  • Once an item is under contract and placed up for auction, it will not be removed unless otherwise determined by GradedAuction.

Can I sell my item immediately instead of auctioning it?

  • Yes, you have that option on GradedAuction when listing an item using our service.

When should I expect to be paid after auctions close?

  • Our sellers are typically paid out 5 business days following receipt of payment from winning bidders.

What if the buyer does not pay?

  • We begin payment collections five days after auction close, which includes charging the buyer’s payment method on file for the full amount due. Buyers are legally responsible for their winning bid and we will follow-up extensively with winning bidders to collect payment. After 15 days, the option to purchase shifts to the lot under bidder or the item will be relisted for sale.

Do I need to pay taxes?

  • Buyers may need to pay sales taxes depending on where the item is shipped. Sellers & buyers are encouraged to seek advice from a tax professional to determine their tax obligations.

GradedAuction Secure Vault (UK Vault)

What will it cost to store in the GradedAuction Secure Vault?

  • Nothing! Your items are stored and insured by GradedAuction for free.

How much does it cost to ship items to the GradedAuction Secure Vault?

  • Shipping to the Secure vault is paid for by the customer. Items purchased with GradedAuction can also be sent to the vault for storage or possible future listings completely free.

How much does it cost to ship vaulted items back to me?

  • Return shipments cost only £9.99/item. (Flat rate)

How long do I need to store in the GradedAuction Secure Vault?

  • You are able to take your items out of the Secure Vault at any time.

How secure is the GradedAuction Secure Vault?

  • Your collection is secure behind CCTV, GradedAuction staff, on site security professionals, and backed fully by the GradedAuction insurance policy.

What items are accepted at the GradedAuction Secure Vault?

  • To start, only items worth over £100 are accepted at the Collectors Vault. In the future we will support authenticated memorabilia and other collectibles below £100.

How do I get items out of the GradedAuction Secure Vault?

  • Request your items to be sent to your address from your account on your account at any time. Return shipments cost £2.50/item.

Where is the GradedAuction Secure Vault located?

  • The Secure Vault is located in a secure location within the United Kingdom.

Can I come see the GradedAuction Secure Vault in-person?

  • For security purposes, we do not allow visitors to the vault at this time.

How does the GradedAuction insurance policy and process work?

  • When you submit an item to the Secure Vault, we use current market data to estimate the value. And procced accordingly. 

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