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Grade And Sell With PSA

Grade And Sell With PSA

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Collectables Not Graded, But want to sell?

Hassle-Free service grading and selling is as easy as 123 with Graded Auction and PSA. Submit now to get started.

How to grade to PSA via Graded Auction?

submit your cards to PSA for grading, directly through ourselves at an
exclusive rate per card.

This service includes the whole procces from grading a raw card to lisiting
it with Graded Auction minus the Graded Auction premium once your card sells
via us.

£50 per card ($499/£400 per card maximum declared value)

Estimated turnaround: PSA quote 90-120 days from submission entry to return.

Once the card has been succsessfully returned graded you will be notified by
us to confirm the grade and expected value we belive it could achive at Graded

Once you have placed your order click below or follow the step by step guide via email to complete the PSA Graded Auction submission form.